Here are a few compliments we have received. While we get many, we have documented a just a few. If you would like to send comments please e-mail us: [email protected]



"This is the second time that I have ordered books from you. And both times your service was absolutely great! The care that you take in shipping, the quick turnaround service from order to delivery, and the quality of your books is terrific!!" G.H.


"Thank you for the book which arrived safe and sound yesterday morning; as you stated, it is in pristine condition and I'm extremely pleased with it. I'd particularly like to acknowledge the very great care with which you wrapped and packed the book. It is greatly appreciated. I can see that you're a lover of books as well as a seller!" D. Wilson


"Some trips have delightful surprises, and Hayne and I agree that our visit with you in your wonderful bookshop will be the highlight of this trip." -- Virginia, a traveler who happened upon our store.


"The book arrived yesterday and I must say I was amazed at its condition - absolutely perfect..." Joe


"I must congratulate you on the quality of the book and excellent packing. As one-time international sellers of antiquarian and collectable books we take pride in our own packing and recognize quality when we receive it from others. We will certainly keep you in mind for any future purchases of this nature." -- Ian from Australia.


"I ran across your bookstore very much by accident the other day on my way to Deer Isle, Maine and I must say it is the most amazing art book store I have ever seen ( I lived in NYC for a decade so that is saying a lot. )" -- Dan, Asst. Prof . at School of Design at Rochester Institute of Technology


"I want to thank you for getting the Teipolo volume to me so swiftly, its exactly the right one, and the condition is how you stated, plus the packing was perfecto-mundo, I look forward to buying from your store again, and I will mention it to some of my associates." -- Kevin, an artist.


"Thank You! Our book arrived promptly and well packaged. We have a new customer thanks again to you." Ann, Bookshop Owner


"Mr. La Rue, working with you and Ms. Mitchell has been a true pleasure. Thank you," -- John, Museum Librarian


"Many thanks again for all the great books! You warmed our visit. It's always nice to spend time with you." -- Georgdia, an artist.


"The books arrived earlier than anticipated, better than expected and much appreciated." -- Don from Texas


"On our holidays we stop at your lovely bookshop and had an excellent time just browsing through the books. I would have needed a moving van rather than a rental car to carry all the books I could have bought! I did find one excellent book on the Lost Cities of Libya. My wife and I will always remember your wonderful store. It is experiences like these that make a memorable holiday." -- Mervin from Edmonton, Alberta